Belonging Day 3: The Secret of the Night Sky


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We recently had a blood moon, a lunar eclipse where the earth’s shadow covers the light of the moon completely. It’s just a once in a generation experience, we have to wait 18 years for the next one. The rare orange ball suspended in the black web of night beckons us away from our T.V. shows, laundry and other routines to stop….and listen to the secret of the night sky.

Our young daughter tiptoed out on the front porch, clad in her pink flannel owl p.j.s, to look at it all by herself. When she came back in, she told us how beautiful it was and how she had prayed while she was out there. Seeing the stars and the moon had made her want to thank God for them. She listened to the secret of the night sky—and responded.

I can’t always feel God. I can feel little hands tugging at me. I can feel the anxiety of getting all this work done. I can feel the disappointment of losing patience with my kids. Those things all feel very tangible.

Even though God doesn’t always seem like something I can comprehend in the midst of daily life, when I stop to look for his fingerprints it usually wakes me up again-he is there. Because then, my mind is snapped to attention, out of miring in the mundane and over to the glorious.

I followed in my daughter’s footsteps and slipped out to observe the blood moon .

Who is God that THIS sky belongs to him? And how is it that the same God that created the sky is the one that I belong to, too?

Psalm 19:1, “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.”

Seeing the magnitude of his power in his creation calls me back to where I belong, reflecting on his glory, in his presence. I can comprehend a small piece of his greatness when I am staring at millions of stars and a bright moon instead of my computer screen.

Realizing his glory is so vast and also knowing that he loves me—this tiny human dot in the universe—I can delight in the juxtaposition of who I belong to.

The God of the skies and the blood moon, yet also the humble servant who died for my sins and calls me by name.

When you feel like you don’t belong, stop. Put down the phone. Shut the laptop down. Forget the dishes and go outside. Let the Creator show you that even though you’re a little blip in the universe so busy with adult-y things, he is pursuing you through all he has made.

You are his ultimately creation, the being that can be in relationship to him and receive his love. He’s willing to show you his glory by hanging the moon, dotting the night sky with millions of stars and willing to show his love on the cross.

Whenever you look up at the night sky, listen to the secret it is whispering to us:

You belong to me. I am the great Creator of the universe. You are small, but I see you, and you are mine. I am showing you my power through all I have made and I am giving you context for the burdens you carry. The world is not your home. You will reside with me in glory someday, a place far more glorious than the glory you see even now. Keep your mind on things above. I am with you always.


  1. Such a good reminder for an adult completely depleted from the roles God has blessed her with! Thank you for reminding me I belong….and isn’t it ironic how Satan always wants us to feel isolated? So contrary to our loving God!


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