Bathroom Addition Tour


When we bought our house, it was with the stipulation that we could put a bathroom in the master bedroom. We didn’t want to have our family of six all sharing a bathroom. Not the biggest problem in the world, but well…not sure how the logistics of that would work out with teenagers especially.

So we got going immediately after closing. And in the aftermath, let me advise you, if you’re thinking about a bathroom addition, I’d say GO FOR IT! If….

  • You want to spend a lot of money
  • You want to learn that you are way more indecisive than you think you are
  • You want to test your patience with your spouse
  • You are totally cool with living with a thin layer of dust on your stuff for weeks
  • You have lots of time for browsing Pinterest
  • You want to learn that contractors and tradesmen have a way different knowledge of how these things go and think you have the same knowledge
  • You think it’s fun to take your kids to Lowe’s…like twice a week, every week for many weeks and they pipe up with “I don’t like that store” so much you bribe them with free paint sticks and they end up using them as weapons on each other
  • You want to create a vision and see it come to life!

I LOVE how our beautiful little slice of Pinterest incarnate came out, but it certainly wasn’t without MUCH effort. We learned a ton in the process…i.e.) Don’t let your contractor convince you that you don’t need a building permit up front. (That’s another story but we’re almost in the clear with all that). Would I do it again? Ask me in a few months years.

Our master bedroom is long. In order to maximize space, we had to go into the girls’ room to make space for the shower and tried to maximize the space by putting the bathroom entry door on an angle (good idea, Josh!) Here’s how the room looked before it went up.


And how it looked after! (There should be like 25 pictures of all the in between steps, but we were too busy in the process to think of that).


We married modern and rustic elements like the mirror (Lowe’s) and vanity (Home Decorator’s Collection) and went with the classic brushed nickel hardware throughout.


We went with glossy beveled subway tile throughout as the main tile, I love how timeless it is. It also matched the feel and character of the rest of the house. I always wanted subway tile on a bathroom wall and it adds a lot of visual interest to the space…DSC_0271Oh the shower! After much “vetting” we shall say, Josh and I figured out how to combine our visions. (With some counseling-like help from a designer friend!) I was eager to incorporate a hex tile pattern and he loved the clean lines of the white beveled tile with the light grey grout…so here is the result. (But not after buying an entire order of different tiles, having design regret and returning it all!)

We had our contractor lay the subway tiles in a chevron pattern for visual interest in the inlay. Marble accent pieces were used in the inlay and doorway framing.


A custom glass shower door from Dave’s Glass completed it.




What can one really say about a toilet? You need them. But no one really wants to discuss why. I’m glad our bathroom has one….but the point of  this pic shows off the charcoal grey 12X24 floor tiles Josh picked out. Masculine and classic, just like him. (I put that in there just to see if he reads my blog posts because I know I’ll hear about that one later).


Looks pretty spa-like, doesn’t it?

What is not being captured in these pictures is that every morning, despite having a master bath for solitude, there are usually four little creepers hanging out in there with us.

Oh well, we can dream, can’t we?DSC_0277


Hope you’ve been warned or inspired… Bathroom additions aren’t for the faint of heart but will be enjoyed for many years to come!