Soul Spa Book Review and Giveaway

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At the end of the day, when I’m parked in front of the t.v. folding laundry and calling that rest, I know something is missing. I’m longing for more.

In Sharla Fritz’s new book, Soul Spa: 40 Days of Spiritual Renewal, she guides the reader in exploration of how the Spiritual disciplines can be used to bring us to our true source of rest, God, through His Spirit and His Word.

I’m still working my way through the book, but I already see the concepts transforming my approach to my personal soul care. As a person that likes to check things off my to-do list, it is easy to think of my time with God as one of the things I need to check off. And if you’re like me, I don’t always want to do the things I think I’m supposed to do. Especially when I’m tired, running on empty, or have nothing left to give. Can anyone relate?

But that’s exactly when I need care for my soul that renews and transforms. Instead of seeing Spiritual practices as a chore, through this book, I’m encouraged to think about caring for my soul because it’s a gift from God.

He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Psalm 23:3

Nothing can transform us like the presence of Christ.

I hope you’ll consider using this valuable book to grow in your perspective of what it means to have good soul care, to learn more ways to implement Spiritual disciplines and to understood more wholly the restoration time with the Lord brings.

I am so excited to share this book with you all that I’m giving away a copy to one of my blog readers. Here are the ways you can be entered to win:

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The author of Soul Spa, Sharla Fritz, answers some questions:

Q: You talk about Spiritual disciplines in the book. What exactly are Spiritual disciplines?

A: Spiritual disciplines are centuries-old practices that have been used by Christians who want to grow in their relationship to God. Some of them are probably familiar to many followers of Jesus: Bible study, worship, prayer, and Scripture meditation. Others are well known, but maybe not always considered a means to grow closer to God: silence, solitude, hospitality, authenticity, journaling. And some of the practices in the book may be new to the reader: Examen and Rule of Life for instance. The purpose of all the Spiritual disciplines is to open up uninterrupted time and quiet space to receive God’s gifts as He speaks to you through His Word. They are not magic in themselves, but they can be a way to open ourselves to God’s invitation to a profound and multifaceted connection to Him.

 Q: You talk about spiritual rest. Why is that necessary?

A: Spiritual rest is something that Jesus offers us and commands us to seek. Jesus promised, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28) He knows the burdens of this life, but He offers rest. Hebrews 4:11 tells us, “Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, so that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience.” Striving to enter rest sounds like an oxymoron. To better understand, we need to find out the rest that God is talking about. The Greek word for rest in both of these passages is katapuasis which means the heavenly place where God dwells and where believers will go at life’s end. This kind of rest is a gift to those who trust in Christ. But Satan will subtly suggest that God couldn’t possibly love us if we don’t serve more people or do something important. The striving comes into play when we are making every effort to shut out Satan’s lies and live in God’s love and acceptance. Without this kind of spiritual rest, we will constantly be trying to do more to earn God’s love, which, of course, is impossible. When we rest in His love, we can love Him more, trust Him more, and joyfully serve others.

Q: Who will benefit from this book?

A: Who would benefit? Anyone who is feeling the stress and strain of life. Anyone who wants a more intimate relationship with God. Anyone who needs some creative ideas for their devotional time. Anyone who wants to learn about caring for their soul. Some of the benefits of Soul Spa include:

  • Readers will learn creative ways for soul care.
  • Readers will discover how centuries-old Spiritual disciplines can strengthen faith today.
  • Readers will see how Jesus modeled these practices while here on earth.
  • Readers will learn the principle of receiving from God through the analogy of a spa.
  • Readers will be refreshed and energized through the fun spa elements.
  • Readers will discover creative ways to meet with the Savior.
  • Readers will be coached in developing a soul care plan.
  • Groups will have opportunity for fun spa activities.
  • Readers will have the opportunity to dig into Scripture.
  • Readers will grow in intimacy with God

Q: Are there any other resources available on this topic?

A: Yes, I have created a Soul Spa Kit for readers who want more creative ideas for spending time with God. This kit has 59 ideas for creating your own spiritual retreat. You will learn the who, what, where, when, and how of soul care. There ideas for Scripture meditation, times of confession, and joyous praise. Included is a Soul Spa Planner to help you craft your own spiritual retreat. Simply go to my website: to sign up for my monthly newsletter and you will receive this free resource in your inbox!


Sharla Fritz is a Christian author and speaker who weaves honest and humorous stories into life-changing Bible study. Author of four books including Soul Spa, Divine Design, Bless These Lips, and Divine Makeover, Sharla writes about God’s transforming grace. She is passionate about helping women take their next step of faith.


  1. Great review Heidi! I’m like you, I’ve got my (disorganized) list that is continually interrupted by life. There are plenty of excuses to procrastinate engaging God. It’s easy to forget how much God blesses our small efforts to meet with Him. Shared this all over the place because this is a fabulous book for everyone!

  2. I’d love to read a copy of this book and review it on my blog ‘Lattes Laced with Grace’. Every busy woman and/or mother needs a soul spa. P.S I love the title 🙂