Fearlessly Joyful


Today is my eldest daughter’s sixth birthday.

Oh, that is lovely and sad all at the same time. You all know it like I know it. Watching our kids grow up marks the passing of time like nothing else does; I wish I could hold on to every moment that is slipping through my hands like sand.

She certainly has been easy to raise so far. She brings an enthusiasm, optimism and faith that inspire those around her. I don’t take a lot of credit for who she is, she was made that way. A friend recently shared the observation that she was fearlessly joyful. I love that and I think it’s true. For now.

I wonder…will the cynicism of the world or experiencing failure or getting painful comments from people zap that joy? It doesn’t have to…if she doesn’t let it.

I know I used to be more joyful and enthusiastic but somehow got the message I should hold back, either because that’s what’s expected or as a self-protective measure. Too much of the time, now, I let the Fear of Man(kind) (I’m a chronic people-pleaser) and the Fear of Failure (which is probably closely related to the first fear) narrate my attitude and actions.

The problem with fear is that it’s so enslaving- I spend my time creating scenarios and conversations in my head that might happen and might be terrible instead of resting in that confidence that comes from knowing I am wholly loved by a loving God. If that is true, and I believe it is, than disapproval and failure don’t have to steal my joy.

Today, as I celebrate the life of Marin, I’m also celebrating the inspiration she brings and pray that she continues to live in fearless joy.

How might we be able to respond to life if we had the confidence of fearless joy?

What keeps you from fearless joy?