Get in my Belly Foods From Costco

So I’m writing…when I can. But that isn’t very often at the moment; even though I have so much in my head I want to share, it always takes longer than I intend it to to get it on paper. So, I’m cheating a little bit and the only kind of posts I can finish at the moment are list posts. Totally legit, just not what I wish I was getting out there.

This one is kind of fun for me though because I love Costco and we just moved within two miles of the one in our town. In some ways, Costco represents the less desirable parts of the American dream…overconsumption and excess. On the other hand, it’s a way to save money and time running to the grocery store because you get more at once.

Every time I go in there, I find new things and also keep going back for the favorites. I found myself putting a mental list of favorite Costco items and I’m sharing it today!

Pretzel Crisps + Laughing Cow Cheese

A little salt, a little protein. These are both delicious items that pair perfectly together; an adult version of crackers and Cheez Whiz. Add some wine and grapes and you have your own little party.


Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels + Pecans

Umm, what more needs to be said. A friend brought these to our house one time on a dessert tray, intermingled with cookies. I kid you not, I tried one and promptly scooped up the remaining chocolates, in a moment of caramel-dervied selfishness, threw them in a sandwich bag and hid them in my cupboard so the rest of the guests couldn’t eat them all. The friend that brought them was a little surprised at my rather emotionally charged display of hoarding, but she threw me a bone and told me where to buy more…Costco.

So if you ever come over, and I give you one, you’re a really, really special person.


Pair with the Kirkland Pecans and you have yourself a Turtle bite. Yum…


Tortilla Chips and Wholly-Guacamole

I love my husband’s homemade guacamole more than anything, but when I’m trying to grab something healthy on-the-go, these pre-packaged guacs are the perfect healthy option.


Pulled Chicken in BBQ Sauce + Pretzel Buns

New addiction. I know everyone thinks bread is the devil and all that, but these are worth going off your diet for. Paired with the Jack Daniels BBQ chicken…insta-fab hostess idea. I just made up that word. Like right now. DSC_0350DSC_0348

Pretend Like You Whipped It Up Asian Cabbage Salad

Have a church picnic? Potluck? Family gathering? Put this delicious cabbage based salad + asian dressing + crunchy toppings in a bowel and you’ll seem like a culinary genius.


Delicious-Even-If-You-Don’t-Like-It Kale Salad

7 superfoods? Gluten free? I can just feel my inner health critic patting me on the back, “You are amazing, just look at your food choices. You’re going to look so fine in your swimsuit this summer (she never says that).”

And then I shut her up and just figure I’m good for at least three of the aforementioned Sea Salt Caramels.

DSC_0355 DSC_0356 DSC_0357

It really is good, even if don’t particularly like Kale.

Skinny Pop

For me, it should be called Fat Pop. Because when I have 4 servings every night, that’s like a daily amount of necessary fat and well over a meal of calories. But hey, I’m breastfeeding, better live it up now. Maybe I’ll be able to reign in my appetite enough when I’m done to stop at a serving. Or two.


Salmon Burgers

Easy, healthy dinner. I like them topped with sour cream mixed with a little hot sauce on a bun.

photo 3

Kirkland Ice Cream

This is Haagen Dazs ice-cream’s budget friendly cousin. It takes amazing and creamy and doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup or other weird additives. It comes at a cost though, 19 grams of fat per serving. It could be dessert on it’s own, say, with a delicious chocolate sauce.

photo 3

My Avoid: Kirkland Greek Yogurt. It’s nearly half the cost of other Greek yogurts and I still can’t get myself to like it.


What are your favorites that I’m missing? 🙂


  1. Dude – this is so exciting – thank you! I just moved less than a mile from a Costco and after my first trip and a van filled to the brim, I still hadn’t stocked up on all my staples. LOVE that place, and so psyched about how much money I’m going to save! P.S. – it’s not called overconsumption when you’re a family of 6 girl – cut yourself some slack

    • C- we totally have to catch up! Dying to know how the move to the ‘burbs is treating you. It seems like all the old peeps are leaving the ‘Boken. What’s with me and apostrophes before words tonight? 🙂