HerStory: Meet Lisa


Lisa and I met on-line. 🙂 She was looking for a domain name and one thing led to another and well…she found my blog. She couldn’t believe all the similarities between us, touched base and we connected over the phone. Now I’m lucky enough to be able to have her in my life, even if just via Facebook and texts. I can feel her kindred spirit across the miles and  hope you enjoy reading Lisa’s HerStory responses as much as I did!

What is your story summarized in a few sentences?

God blessed me with a heart of compassion and the grit and determination of a bulldog. I am the perfect example of how God can use anyone- plain, ordinary, not particularly smart or gifted. I’m a high mileage 57-year-old grandmother of 3. Married to Jim – my mother says he’s the only man who could keep me in line! I have a son Jay, 34, and he and his wife Jessica live 2 doors down with our grandsons Gavin, 7, and Hayes, 5. My daughter Mary Frances and her husband Trey live in Dallas, Texas with Aidan, our 3-year-old spit fire granddaughter.

Other fun facts..I have a master’s in nursing, was a certified Nurse Practitioner and continue to keep my RN current. In the past I was a Nursing Instructor at a junior college and established a ladies and children’s retail clothing store named The Velveteen Rabbit. More recently I helped found the first free standing Hospice facility in rural America, Sanctuary Hospice House, and am currently president of Room to Room Furniture. I also currently teach 3rd grade Sunday School! My Husband says I’m easily bored.

What is God teaching you right now? Watch where God is working and join Him! Don’t try and create what I think is a good thing. If the Devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.

What can’t you live without? Family, Friends and Love/

What’s your day job? Furniture Store owner and Community Volunteer.

What are your passions? End of life care- seeking to provide compassionate care for the dying and those who love them. Seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those I come in contact. Serving Christ is the most exciting life ever! Satan wants us to believe his lie that it’s boring. Making my daily life available to God to be used as He wishes.

If you could outsource one chore/task, what would it be? House keeping- and I do!

Reflections on mothering: I was always busy doing something but my greatest mistake was not taking my children with me so they could experience the joy of service. Children learn by doing and not just hearing. I wish i had had more patience. Time passes by so quickly with your children. As I reflect, I wish I had been more of an intentional parent- each day working on character traits, life skills, playing in the dirt, teaching them to set goals, incorporating them into different social setting so they would be more confident in any situation…….and the list goes on and on.

What would your friends say about you? Hmmmm. not necessarily true but they say- I’m one of the busiest people they know. A Christian business woman. Sweet, kind, successful and an encourager. A visionary and builder of people.

Are you afraid of anything? Failure, and bringing disgrace to God my Father. Lacking courage to stand for what the Bible says when it’s not popular. Allowing my mind to be filled with Satan’s lies.

What’s a habit you’d either like to establish or to kick? I eat too much and exercise too little!

Thoughts on being a woman in the church: Wow- now that’s a question. I hate to say this but sometimes in the South, a woman’s talents and gifts are utilized more productively outside the church than in the church. God has a purpose for each member of the body but man made rules sometimes disrupt that purpose and function as it applies to the church.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate ripple!

Paper or plastic? Depends on the project.

Heat or cold? Definitely heat.

Impactful book(s) in your life?

  • Experiencing God
  • Purpose Driven Life
  • 5 Love Languages
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Zig Zigler books

Favorite verse or quote? Verse- 1 Corinthians. 2:9. Quote-“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others can not keep it from themselves.” James Matthew Barrie

What color best represents you and why? Pink- It’s associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, feminism, calmness and joy It’s also in the red family!

If you had an unlimited budget and a free weekend, what would you do? Throw and huge party for friends and family in the backyard. Have it catered so we can all just enjoy one another and not have to do any of the work!

What’s on your bucket list? 

  • Travel- to Cuba with Jim
  • Attend Saddleback Church
  • Go to the Rose Parade
  • Write a children’s book
  • I really have had an amazing life with great experiences and opportunities- I guess let’s just wait and see what happens! I like surprises.

What’s your advice for young women?

Enjoy today! Stay Calm. Develop close girlfriends. Take time to be a friend or you’ll be in the home all alone when you’re old. Participate in a Bible Study group. Grow daily in wisdom and Grace as you experience God’s love. Remember- be obedient to God but you’re not responsible for the outcome – oh yeah And you’re not the Holy Spirit!

And…that’s a wrap. Thanks Lisa, for sharing!




  1. Quay Robertson says:

    Lisa is a wonderful person and does so much for other people, she wears many hats. I have known her all her life and she is always buisy. We are Blessed to have her in our home town of Tupelo, Ms.

    Thank you for sharing HERSTORY! Qyay

    • I feel so lucky to have “met” her, even if just virtually. It is evident by the outpouring of love for her that she’s a unique and lovely soul that has impacted many. Thanks for reading Quay!