Repurposed Wood Tree DIY

xmas tree

Things are busy around here and I’m barely getting time to blog! 🙁 Hopefully the consistency will come back in time…like when the baby is sleeping through the night and our transition from 3 to 4 kids is more complete. If you’re reading this blog post, THANK YOU! I know that you are busy with your family, too, and it’s meaningful to know that there are readers out there who enjoying checking in even when my writing is in an ebbing and flowing stage.

Today I want to share a fun craft I did for the holidays. I love getting everyone’s holiday cards and wanted to have a way to display them that was unique. And I had all this wood I’d found on the side of the road just taking up space in my garage. Well, here’s the mathematical equation for what happened after that:

Crafting bee in my bonnet + needing to use up something = Repurposed wood Christmas tree card holder

My neighbor had graciously cut some wood with his saw (because we aren’t handy enough to have one of those around here, no offense honey!) for another one of my projects that left me with all these pieces of wood at various lengths. I took the longest one to be the tree “trunk” and nailed “branches” in ascending order to fashion a rustic tree of sorts. It looked sweet, but needed a little color…Let the painting begin.


I used these colors…

DSC_0199And it came out like this…


I just used push pins to hang cards as they come, but I think gluing some mini clothes pins would have been cute too! Keep your Christmas cards coming, it’s a blessing to see your beautiful, smiling faces…and I have more room on the tree!



  1. Nikki Douglass says:

    It really is super cute! And those colors would look great in my house. Hint hint.