HerStory: Melissa

Melissa and I met during college, where we both were in the nursing program. We reconnected via social media and she’s been an great encouragement to me with my blog. I think you’ll see she’s passionate about the Lord and her family and eating real food in an age where food has morphed into a list of unrecognizable ingredients. Enjoy learning about Melissa!
My story in a few sentences: Passionate believer in Christ, wife to Bryan, mom to 4 kiddos. I’m busy, motivated, an introvert by nature, but also passionate about sharing Real Food, Health and Nutrition info with people, especially other moms!
Three words that describe me: Focused, loyal, motivated.

The best part of motherhood is: When they go to school. HA! Just kidding (sort of). Honestly, it’s seeing them grow up and starting to realize that they are “getting” it – the how-to-be-kind-to-others stuff. Watching them interact effectively with peers, treating others how they would want to be treated, being thankful and realizing they are so blessed.

The most challenging part about my life journey: In general, I struggle with letting go of control. I’m a planner, envision-er, manager by nature. And I often try to do the same with my life. Letting go and letting God be the one in control is something I constantly am fighting against. Also, being a family in ministry has proven difficult. My husband served as a pastor for 9 yrs in 2 different churches. There are immense blessings and very big challenges for ministry families. It was difficult to develop deep friendships because of this. He now works for a ministry called Words of Hope (www.woh.org) and its a season of becoming refreshed in this area.

What God is teaching me right now: We have an adopted son with difficult behaviors and emotional impairments due to his past abuse history. I now have a glimpse of what God must feel like towards us at times, who have been adopted in to His family. Balancing compassion and discipline, nuturing and direction is HARD. And reminding ourselves that God doesn’t call the equipped but equips the called. We were definitely called to adopt him, but boy, it’s hard.
In another life, I’d: Travel the world by myself (or with my hubby) or maybe be a Naturopathic Physician.
Musical influences: Everything from Fernando Ortega to Mumford & Sons, All Sons & Daughters, Country. Just not heavy metal/hard rock.
Favorite books: “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp, “Almost Amish” by Nancy Sleeth. Those are my most current favorites. 
How I serve at church: Right now, having taken a step back from church ministry, I’m mostly participating in a Bible study and in the choir. I may get back into church music ministry (I play the piano) but right now it’s a nice season for stepping back a bit.

I can’t live without my: The 3 C’s: Coconut oil, computer, and chocolate (the dark type)

My day job: Mom, blogger, RN (very, very part time), food buyers club coordinator and Wellness Educator with Juice Plus.

Things I’m currently working on: I seem to continuously have multiple projects going on. Currently I’m growing my buyers club locally. I’m also brainstorming a class I could do to educate others locally on how to eat more healthily through using a buyers club, produce delivery system and consuming Real Food and Juice Plus.

If I could have a free weekend and an unlimited budget, I’d: Go to a cozy cabin by the water or mountains, relax and spend money eating out a good restaurants.

Would you rather go through life with a continual winter or a temperature that never drops below 100 degrees? Winter. Hands down, no question.

Why I blog: It started as a way to get my recipes and info to others so I didn’t have to have 20-some conversations on the same topic. Now, it’s an outlet. I LOVE learning and digging deep into things and sharing that with others. And I think people enjoy reading about it…..???

My health philosophy:  Real Food and believing that God created our bodies so incredibly – if we give it the right stuff (food, nutrition, rest, water, etc), it can heal and stay healthy!

My vice: surfing the internet or Facebook. Can be such a time-waster if I don’t have a purpose/focus on my time.

My friends think I’m: they probably think that it appears that I have it all together. I don’t. 🙂

Favorite social activity: Going out for coffee or dinner with a friend/friends

Hobbies: reading, playing piano, gardening, cooking

I’m inspired by: people who put others before themselves.

You’d never know that I: am introverted OR that I weigh a LOT more than I look like I do. I just tell people it’s all muscle. 🙂

Favorite Bible verse: Jeremiah 29:11

You can follow Melissa’s blog at: www.realfoodeater.com where she blogs about Real Food, Nutrition, Holistic Health and more!


Why HerStory?  Sharing our stories helps us get past comparisons, past making up what someone’s life is like from outward appearances and move toward hearing the heart of the person. Feel free to leave a comment to encourage the featured woman and let me know if you’re ever willing to share your story, because each one is unique and each one is beautiful. What you have to say could be just the encouragement someone else needs to hear.


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