Hudson’s Birth Story

Dear Baby Hudson,

Here is your birth story…

The whole week before you were due I was really cranky, introverted and focused on you coming. I had lower back pain, some sharp pains in my legs and was just low on energy. I kept worrying that you’d come and I wouldn’t be ready or be by myself.

I was checked by a midwife the Friday before you were due and still only 2cm dilated and not very effaced. I canceled the elective induction that they had offered me for Saturday, 9/27 (using a foley bulb and breaking my water) because it just didn’t feel like my body was ready to give birth and I had had such good experiences not interfering in the process before.

On the morning of your due date, 10/1, at 3:20am I started having a few contractions that felt different that my Braxton-Hicks, which had been pretty strong in this pregnancy. They weren’t very regular, so I tried to ignore them and drifted in and out of sleep wondering if I should go in and get checked. With your sister Lucia, I had only a couple of strong contractions prior to the birth and was afraid I’d wait too long to go in and deliver in the car.

So I talked to your dad and we decided to go in to the hospital and see what was happening. My favorite midwife from the group, Mary Alice, was on that day so I took comfort in knowing that she would be there. We walked into triage a little after 08:00am, I told my story and then Mary Alice checked me. I was totally discouraged when she told me I hadn’t progressed any further than last week. She told me that I could definitely still do the foley induction later that day, to go walk around and do other stuff and see if labor progressed. I walked out, looked at Josh, and said, “I feel like I’m doing the walk of shame” because I always feared being one of people that came in to the hospital too early and got turned away.

We left and just drove around town for awhile, then went out to breakfast at the Crow’s Nest and I decided to go to the gym to see if I could help things along. I did the stair stepper, elliptical and lifted weights and felt like the contractions were coming stronger.

Then we headed to Uncle Joe and Aunt Beth’s house because it wasn’t far from the hospital. I took a shower and then laid down because I was tired from being up a lot that night. I started having contractions that I had to “breath through.” They weren’t super painful but they were about 10 minutes apart, so around 3pm we decided to leave and head back to Bronson to see what was going on. We got there about 3:15pm and got checked. I said, “Please tell me I’m not at 2cm anymore.”

Mary Alice had a student midwife working with her (she was pregnant with her 9th baby) and she checked me. “Nope, you’re a 6!” Yeah, I knew I was in labor for sure. From there I had a handful of strong but not super painful contractions. I answered all the nurses’ questions, felt perfectly normal and cheerful between contractions and then had to stand up to start really concentrating and breathing through them. I told the midwives not to go far way, I just had a few more contractions to go until you were born. There were about 4 or 5 that were really hard and I was holding on to your dad. During one of them, I said, “Dear Jesus, help me.” Shortly after, my water broke during one and I got on the bed. I could hear voices all around me telling me I was doing a good job, but I felt like I was in my own world.

Midwife quote

You were crowning and I can’t remember exactly how many pushes until you were out….probably 3 or 4? Not more than a few minutes. It felt hard and I wanted it to be over. Oh, the sweet relief of you coming out and meeting you for the first time at 4:05pm, just about 50 minutes after we got to the hospital. You were all blue and quiet and gurgly. APGARS were 8 and 9.


They put you right on my stomach and I knew you right away, you had been missing in our lives! You looked like a cross between Marin and Judah and a lot like daddy. You weighed in at 8lbs, 9 ounces and were 21.5 inches long. Daddy cut your umbilical cord.


You were doing this “jittery” motion with your arms and they were worried about your blood sugar. When they checked it, yours was 37 (three points lower than the normal low of 40), so they made you have some donor milk. You didn’t really want it though. Once I did skin to skin with you you calmed right down….you just needed mama time.

Meanwhile, I was having bleeding issues and lots of clots so I had to get an IM shot of Pitocin and one other drug and it finally stopped.


Lots of family stopped by in the first hour after you were born and it was a little crazy, but everyone was so excited to meet you!


Turns out you pooped all over me as you were coming out (awesome) so after I stopped bleeding a lot I got up and rinsed off in the bath. Everyone thought that was so weird that I was able to get up and walk no problem (the nurse told her student- there’s about 1% of moms that you will see like that after labor), but honestly right after I deliver, I feel so much better and have the high that comes with the birthing process. Daddy always teases me that the minute I deliver I become a whole new person because I’m so cranky the last couple weeks of pregnancy.

At the end of it all, the midwife told me, “I enjoy all my births, but this one was the kind I went to midwifery school for. You know your body so well and labored on your own and we were just there to guide the baby into the world. I’m on a high right now. I’m so glad I got to be there for your delivery.” It was definitely a sweet moment for both of us.

At the end of it all, I felt so happy that you had come and that it all worked out naturally and that we made it to the hospital in time. God has blessed us again, we have been entrusted with another little baby to raise up to bring Him glory. I also felt sure that you are our ending. Unless God intervenes in some supernatural way, I feel like our family is complete. Welcome to the world, Hudson Samuel!