Sharpie and Canvas Craft

A guest post by Holly Dwyer, mama to three adorable boys and crafter extraordinare

We sang Fernando Ortega’s “Give Me Jesus” at church this Sunday. It’s such a beautiful, simple song…one of my favorites. I wanted to have those words in my morning devo spot.

Step 1: I started by painting a small 4×4 canvas with a fun, bright yellow. While that dried, I typed up the words, chose a vintage font and sized it to fill my little canvas.

photo 1

Step 2: Next, I trimmed it to fit the canvas & taped it down.

photo 2

Step 3. Using a fine tip sharpie, I traced over the lettering. It takes a few passes for the ink to bleed through. Lift a corner as you go to see how well the ink is coming through.

photo 3  

Finished! Next time I’m at the craft store, I’ll pick up a little easel to hold it, but for now, I love how it brightens my corner!


Thanks Holly, for sharing your sharpie and canvas craft tutorial! I love crafts that can be completed quickly!