Family & Maternity Photo Shoot


I love photographs… to take them, to organize them, to make digital photo books. But most of all, I love a photo session with a professional photographer. We’ve only had professional shots taken twice before, but I treasure those pictures so much. Photographers have the eye and talent to bring the personality of our families to life.

When my mom watched our kids for 6 days during a spouses only vacation, I decided a fun thank-you gift would be a mini-photography shoot of her and the kids.   So I asked my friend, Tara Fletcher, a lifestyle photographer I know from church to do the photos. I’d long been admiring her work with other families and wasn’t surprised when the Nana photo shoot pictures turned out stunning. I couldn’t pass up on full length session for her to capture our whole family and my last pregnancy. In this post, I’m sharing the pictures from our recent family and maternity photo shoot!

I have watched Tara grow her business and hone her talent, and have complete awe for her vision of her work as a ministry. The amazing thing about doing a shoot with her is that it is full of hospitality, it’s not all business. I actually left our recent photo sessions feeling ministered to and knowing how special my family is…because of her kindess and encouraging words. She starts every session with a prayer and turns the time over to the Lord’s leading. In this world, we’re all fighting the temptation of feeling less-than, but Tara has a God-given ability to see the uniqueness in each person, tell them about it and make it come out from behind the camera. What an amazing ministry of encouragement she has in her photography business. It’s a wonderful example of how submitting ones passions and talents to God really does bring Him the glory!

Let me share some of my favorite photos from the session- we’ll be treasuring them forever!

The Family

WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-1 WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-2 WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-4


Sweet Littles




WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-26 WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-34 WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-35







WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-22 WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-20

Judah holding the initial that stands for his coming brother.



 Lucia (Who has taken to calling herself Lucy Kate)

WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-10 WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-12 WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-13

Maternity Love

WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-55 WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-31 WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-45 WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-54

This H represents our coming son’s name, not mine…but he and I are going to share all three initials!



WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-51 WheelerFamMaternity.Facebook-52

If you live in southwest Michigan and need a photographer, it would be a blessing for you to work with Tara. Don’t wait too long because she is quite in demand these days!

One of my next posts: Tara is sharing some photography tips for improving your own picture taking!

How to Contact Tara:

Tara Fletcher
(269) 823-3311
Newborn, children, family, and senior pictures. Call, Facebook, or email for more information or to book a session!


I have a passion for children, photography, and Jesus! I am a mommy of two beautiful children, an elementary school music teacher by day, and a photographer on the weekends and during summer. I love photographing babies and children,  families and senior sessions.

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:3


  1. Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your family and sharing my work on your blog! Love you lady!

  2. Cathy Wheeler says:

    Love these pictures! Everyone looks great. Its fun to study who all the kids resemble as they each are so unique, but have a little Huebner and Wheeler in each of them. Really enjoyed these and want a few of them.