A Non-Pinterest Worthy Frozen Birthday Party


So…. my oldest daughter just turned five (tear). (Isn’t it amazing how life just sort of accelerates after you have kids? At this rate, I’ll be 90 tomorrow.) Anyway, I really love to make my kids’ birthdays a big deal because I want them to see how loved they are…to celebrate their uniqueness. To have one day  a year that is full of tangible representations of their interests. And this year her request was to have a Frozen birthday party theme.

O.k., I can do this. That’s what Pinterest is for. So I took a look and…oh, yes, there are hundreds of Frozen themed birthday party ideas there. Marshmellow snowmen, cute banners, icy hands made by pouring water in a plastic glove…you name it. I pinned a bunch of stuff and wrote down some ideas of what I would need to do to make this magic happen. And that’s about as far as I got.  Time flew by and I didn’t have time to do anything I had planned. (Instead of hand-made goodies, I bought an amazing sheet cake from Sam’s club for $20 and an Elsa cape for $20 on Etsy as her gift).

Fast forward to the big day, which happened to be a Sunday. As we pulled into the church parking lot, our van’s sliding door immediately cascaded open and out popped the birthday princess. In her most robust voice and with the most dramatic body motions she could muster, she announced, “It’s MY BIRTHDAY!” to the unsuspecting greeters at the church entrance.  Beaming from ear to ear, she continued to corner a good majority of the Sunday morning patrons with the news that she was 5 today! And she fully expected that they would share in her joy.

It was a little overwhelming for my taste, but you know what? I didn’t tell her to be quiet. That no one cared too much. That she was being prideful.

Because I was inspired. I thought about Jesus’ words in Matthew 18:3, “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like a little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Children have something that Jesus asked us to emulate. She was capable of experiencing pure joy and sharing it unabashedly with other people, with no thought of what they were thinking about her. She had faith that she was loved and she lived in joy as a response.

So, I didn’t complete one idea I had pinned. In fact, as I put out my meager decorations at Nona’s lake house where the family gathered to celebrate that afternoon, I kind of chuckled to myself. I had thought that maybe I could have a super cool party and could turn it into a sensational blog post. Amazing giver-away bags. Clever side dishes. Theme, theme, theme items everywhere! As I took pictures, I was like, “Um, nope. A Sam’s cake, some blue Christmas lights, snowflake window cling-ons and wrinkled paper doily snowflakes do not make a Pinterest-worthy party post.”

But I loved this birthday. I loved the party. My daughter’s JOY was in full force all day. We didn’t need perfection because love was there. She knew she was a princess and she helped me realize I am one, too. One that far too often holds back in favor of trying to get it right.

When you’re a daughter of the King, how you perform isn’t the point. It’s letting your peace and joy in knowing that you are LOVED and celebrated by your Father shine through.

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  1. Love it! Miss you and Marin and the rest of your crew so much! So glad she had a good birthday. 5 does feel like a big deal! Give her a big hug from us! XO

  2. “As I took pictures, I was like, “Um, nope. A Sam’s cake, some blue Christmas lights, snowflake window cling-ons and wrinkled paper doily snowflakes do not make a Pinterest-worthy party post.”

    This made me laugh out loud. Maybe because I read it in my best “Heidi” worthy voice in my head and imagined as you chuckled a bit. 🙂 love you. so much.

  3. I am no more a kid but I honestly had so much fun when I decided to have a mini party of this theme with my sis and cousins. I just can’t imagine how kids would go crazy to have such one too! I was searching for my Frozen Birthday Party ideas to add to my Pinterest board. I am thankful to come across this post. 🙂
    God bless!
    Mommy Mika