Spring Cleaning Ideas


Spring is here! That means flowers, farmer’s markets, white legs  and….spring cleaning?! Why interrupt all the new opportunities to go outside with indoor work? Well, because Spring brings newness…new hope, life and a chance to be organized. If you already are, more organization is exciting, if you aren’t, more organization is either daunting or something you desire despite your natural tendencies.

I like a little bit of Spring cleaning, because I am NOT a regular deep cleaning person, and it’s a good time to set aside to do it.  Because I don’t want it to take over my life, I break up the Spring cleaning into manageable doses. Maybe one day it’s just a drawer that barely opens. Maybe another day it’s a full room. This year I made a list as I went along to share what I’m tackling with you.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

In General:

  • Paint touch-ups (This year I went around a freshened up the walls with quick paint touch-ups by color). I have five paint colors in the house so I go around to all the rooms with a certain paint color and look for places that need some sprucing. I find that thoroughly mixing the paint while in the can before pouring some out and using a  small roller and paint tray helps the color blend in well.
  • Make list of needed/wanted items for each room→ art, furniture, sheets etc
  • Make a list or pile of things to give away/sell/for garage sales etc
  • Change air filter in furnace
  • Pick out 1 or 2 projects that you’ve been putting off and tackle (This year is was my technology drawer and a bunch of old paint cans I had in the basement).


Lots of 1/2 empty paint cans…let’s tackle this mess.


I poured small amounts of paint into the empty quart size jars I got at the hardware store to consolidate.



  • Clean out beauty/hair supplies
  • Pull out towels that would be better as rags
  • Draino in the showers/sinks that are slow
  • Organize cupboards and cabinets
  • Scrub tile grout
  • Sanitize tooth brushes in boiling hot water
  • Clean off light fixtures
  • Wash the bath rug/mat
  • Scrub mildew off shower curtain


Sanitizing the tooth brushes in hot water.


  • Clean out kid’s toys
  • Clean windows, dust blinds
  • Dust baseboards, window sills, wood over door
  • Dust light fixture/fans
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Under bed vacuum
  • Wash sheets/bedspreads

Bedroom Closets:

  • Move spring clothes to front of closet and winter clothes to back
  • Clean out too small items- sort into bins for other children, goodwill, garage sale etc
  • Make list of needs for spring/summer


  • Touch up wood floors with repair kit
  • Wax floors if needed
  • Move furniture to dust/vacuum underneath


  • Organization systems→ I’m adding a small piece of wood with hooks for coats right outside the door
  • Put away snow boots and winter gear, pull out summer shoes
  • Sweep and wash floors


  • Clean fridge, check water filter
  • Wash off outside of kitchen cabinets and shelves if you’re feeling ambitious (I wasn’t this year)
  • Dust top of kitchen cabinets
  • Organize and clean pantry shelves
  • Donate or toss unused food items


A little dusty on top of my cabinets before tackling with a dust mitten from Norwex.


  • Fertilize lawn
  • Mulch beds
  • Pest control service
  • Plan garden
  • Put hoses back out
  • Sprinklers turned back on
  • Start mower
  • Trim bushes/landscaping as needed

Hey, if you don’t feel like Spring cleaning…who cares? Don’t worry about it! Go out and enjoy that sunshine. If you do, I’ve attached a down-loadable checklist for you.

Spring Cleaning Checklist