DIY Ruler Growth Chart Tutorial

finalrulertape long viewDIY Ruler Growth Chart Tutorial:

1. Assemble supplies. (1 x 8 x 6 high quality pine board, –>it’s called a 1 X 8 if you want to use the hardware store lingo, stain, paintbrush, decal, fine sandpaper, masking tape, sissors.)

2.If you don’t buy the high quality pine board, you will have to sand it until smooth. The highest quality board ran $12.99, but I didn’t have to sand at all and I think it makes for a beautiful end product.

3. If desired, stain board with the color of your choice. You can find small stain sample cans in the paint section of hardware stores. They run between $3-4 and are a more than ample supply for this project. I choose a stain that reminded me of an actual old school ruler color. Or…maybe you have some leftover stain from another project?

4. Let the stain dry for 2 days. I used fine sand paper to scratch it up along the edges and middle of the board to give it a more rustic look.

5. Here’s where you can be cheaper or a cheater. In order to create the ruler lines and numbers you can use stencils and a sharpie to create your own ruler tickmarks and numbers. But I didn’t want to go that route…I knew somehow I’d mess it up and it’d be another Pinterest fail.

For me, it was all about the decal. I found beautiful ones at, and you could even add a family name to personalize it. With shipping, etc. it cost $24, which puts this version of the craft around $40. However, if you consider the cost of other pieces of art that large, it’s a deal.

6. If you go with the decal, trim the edge near the marks and line it up with the edge of thw wood.

7. Center and align the whole decal on the board. Tape it down along the bottom, keeping the backing in place, with masking tape. Use a piece of tape at least every foot.

8. Pull up 12 inches at the bottom of the decal, and cut a split between this piece and the next foot. Bend forward, pull off the backing and then back into place and apply decal directly to board.


9. Continue to remove the backing in small sections and press the decal into place. Make sure the rest of the markings are staying aligned with the edge of the board.


10. Keep track of the kids’ growth with a sticker or note initials and dates directly on the wood. What a fun way to watch your children grow!

Of note, if your walls have wood around the bottom, you may want to omit the first six inches of the first foot (start at the bottom of the wood with the 6 inch tick mark) and hang the board 6 inches from the floor. The decal goes all the way to 7 feet, so it would accomodate this method.




  1. How cute, wish I would have done this when my sweeties were little ones!!!