HerStory: Meet Kirsten


Kirsten…one of my besties, my soul friend since before kids.  She was one of the first people I could confess ANYTHING to and feel safe about it; so we became accountability partners and the rest was history. Even with all of my moving around the country, we’ve been able to maintain our close friendship, which isn’t an easy feat.

She’s a lover of words- a poet, published author, and someone that laughs at words she thinks are funny. She’s kept me entertained on long mountain trails with riveting versions of “Would You Rather….?” and questions that only she could pose. I’m so thankful to have this woman in my life. We’ve grown up together in the Lord, and I KNOW we’re friends for life. Meet Kirsten!

My story:  I spent my childhood as a pastor’s kid, which had it’s blessings and it’s challenges. I came to trust in Christ as my Savior at a young age, and I’ve been walking with Him (and stumbling and falling and getting back up) ever since. I’ve always been a storyteller, a dreamer and a slight introvert, which means I have a very rich inner world. I’m happily married with two little girls.

Three words: cheerful, chill, idealistic.

Best part of motherhood: I can only pick one thing? The way it has changed me for the better.

Most challenging part of motherhood: surrendering them to the Lord, not worrying about them.

My spouse is: my hero, everything a man should be. Still a work in progress, though. I don’t want to sound like I’m idolizing him 😉

In another life, I’d: be a unicorn warrior-princess.

Can’t live without my: laptop.

My day job: author/editor/speaker/homeschooling mom.

Future plans: I honestly don’t know. I don’t really like to plan that far ahead because I don’t know what the Lord has planned for me. Finish my third novel, I guess…it’s almost done!

Free weekend: Wow! I could fantasize about this for hours. Traveling with the hubby – Paris, Fiji and Kalamazoo, of course. Heidi’s comment: (The Kalamazoo part is because her dear friend, yours truly, lives there. It’s not what you’d call a destination town.)

Health philosophy: eat lots of vegetables and drink lots of tea. Limit sugar, except for peanut butter M&Ms (those are made of chard and quinoa, right?)

My vices: poetry, French cheese and lip gloss.

My friends think I’m: loyal, quirky, laid back.

Favorite social activity: dinner with friends somewhere fun.

Hobbies: writing, reading, exercising, taking hot baths, gawking at nature.

Theme of life: delighting in the Lord.

Decorating style: deconstructed Pottery Barn. Wait. What? I don’t even know what those words mean.

Favorite Bible peep: Oh sheesh. What a question. Jonah, maybe, because he reminds me that God loves us too much to let us get away with disobedience.

You can check out Kirsten’s lovely writing on her website: www.sojournerandscribe.com



PS) Let me know if you’d like to share your story as a HerStory feature! It’s painless, I promise. And it’s encouraging because lots of people say kind things…Don’t you love it when women build each other up?


  1. Hattie Boegel says:

    Each of these beautiful women inspire me even though I am 77 years old and probably close to the end of my dash. Thanks for reminding me what I have had over the years. It always brings joy to my heart and soul. Thanks for coming into my den for a visit each morning.

  2. love this. Kirsten, I love your depth and humor! most of this didn’t surprise me (not even unicorn warrior princess:)), except homeschooling! I look forward to hearing more! these are so fun, Heidi!