Homemade Sugar Scrub

A guest post by Jaci Root


This time of year we all have dry skin somewhere. Winter just does that to us. But I have found that an easy homemade sugar scrub can slough off the dry and leave my skin feeling more healthy AND soft. This makes a great gift, too. Follow these simple instructions for a mini spa-time in your shower:

The cast of characters for this product is minimal: basic granulated white sugar, skin-softening oil and essential oil of your choosing. I chose Grapeseed oil because it doesn’t have a smell and it is great for skin. A light olive oil works great for the same reasons. Coconut oil is fabulous for skin but it does have a light scent so keep that in mind when you make your choice…you don’t want it to compete with your essential oil. Some lovely options for scents would be grapefruit, peppermint or lavender.

Other items you will need are a mixing bowl, spoon, measuring cups and some pretty jars to put your scrub in. Weck Jars are especially lovely, but even baby food jars work just fine!


Here is the basic recipe:

  • 3 cups white sugar
  • 1 cup + 2 Tbsp good oil 
  • 30-40 drops of essential oil (your preference…I use about 35)

Combine sugar and oil (not the scent yet) and stir to combine.


At this point you can divide the mixture into different bowls if you want to make more than one scent. Then add your scent(s) and mix well to incorporate. Scoop the sugar scrub into jars of your choice and label them if you are giving them as a gift! This recipe makes quite a bit. I’m guessing my jar is 6-7 oz and it made enough to fill another 3 jars. If you are wondering about where to find essential oils, you can find them at natural health stores or online.

This is really easy and fun. Even kids can get involved (can be a gift for teachers, grandma, etc)! Just be prepared for them to want to use it during their next bath! 🙂


All-packaged  Jar
Add a pretty tag to complete the gift!

Hope you enjoyed Jaci’s guest post! She’s given me this as a gift before and it is certainly a treat! Let me know if you have a topic, craft, encouragement or idea that you’d like to post about on TheBlessedNest.com. I’d love to have you share your inspirations with others.