HerStory: Bev


Bev is the first person featured as a HerStory post that I haven’t actually met yet (but hope to!). A few months ago I was considering signing up for Mary Kay to get the discount and came into contact with her. Ever since we talked on the phone for awhile and I told her about my blog, she has been a huge encouragement from afar. She frequently comments and likes my posts and I can tell she is genuinely interested in helping people succeed, no matter what their calling.

I also got the idea of HerStory when she shared a way that she had been able to allow God to work through her during a company event. It got me thinking about the fact that when we are available, God will use us, and it looks different for each women. And I thought that women would be encouraged to read about different women’s lives and how their stories are all unique and powerful. So HerStory was born out of an on-line conversation with Bev.

In Bev’s Words:

Three words to describe you: Independent, driven, kind-hearted.

What’s your story?  I grew up in Marysville, MI, which is a small town north of Detroit.  I have always excelled in academics and athletics.  I continued this journey at the collegiate level where I played soccer at Grand Valley State University, and majored in Mathematics with an elementary education emphasis.  I got my first teaching job in Niles, MI right out of college and starting living across the state line in South Bend, IN.   I taught middle school math, earned my master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and met my handsome, supportive husband Paulo.  We have been married for almost 7 years, and have 2 sweet boys together; Caio Cristiano is 3 and Luca Lionel is 3 1/2 months. 

I started my Mary Kay business almost 6 years ago knowing nothing about skin care, make up, or sales, but I was willing to learn to make some extra money.  About 1 1/2 years ago I decided to work my business more seriously.  I promoted myself to the leadership position of Sales Director in February 2013, which put me in the position to be able to choose to not go back to my 10 year teaching career this year.  I love being home with my babies and having a career that I can work around my priorities instead of vice versa.  I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to work from home and have a career that fills my cup!

Day job:  Work from home mom.

I’m happiest when: I take care of myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Most influential book: Currently reading “Sun Stand Still” 

Shows: I don’t watch much T.V., but I do enjoy laughing at Jimmy Fallon!

Favorite celebrity:  Justin Timberlake.  He’s talented, smart, hilarious, and never in the tabloids for ridiculous stuff! 

Favorite accomplishment:  Continually working to strengthen and grow in my marriage.  That’s a huge accomplishment!

The last time you laughed: Last night.  Both of my boys woke up at 11:30pm, so I took Luca, the 3 month old, into Caio’s room, the 3 year old.  Luca kept making these funny baby giggle noises and Caio was belly laughing, which was making me laugh!  It was a great mommy moment.

Main encouragement for women:  Be the best version of you that God created you to be!  

In another life: I’d worry less about what other people thought at a much younger age!
I can’t live without my: Cell phone, goodness that’s sad!  I work a lot from my phone.
The theme of my life is: Busy but balanced.
God has answered this prayer:  Giving birth to 2 healthy boys.  
Future plans/goals:  Continue to show women what an amazing opportunity Mary Kay can be for any woman that is willing to dig deep and go for it!  I am excited to be earning my first free car this year, and I constantly think about how proud my husband is going to be when we go to the dealer to pick it up.  
My friends think I’m: Probably crazy for leaving my teaching career.
Hobbies:  I play soccer and enjoy running.

Favorite beauty tips for women:  It’s most important to take care of your skin and get a perfect foundation match! 

At the bottom of her email, Bev has this verse. Let that be your encouragement today, and thanks to Bev, another amazing woman for being willing to share a little bit of her story!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11




  1. Bev- I don’t know you but I love you! I appreciate your priorities, ambition and energy that prodded me through my screen! Thanks for adding pep to my afternoon!

  2. i love that bev still plays soccer! bev includes some sweet variety in her life!