Creative Baby Shower Gift- Something For Every Month of the First Year


No matter if you’re in the young children stage of life or not, you’re always going to get baby shower invites. It’s an honor to celebrate with new moms, even if the activities and games get old over the years….(wait, did I say that out loud?)

People have really been stepping it up at the baby showers I’ve attended lately. Onsie crafts that the mom would actually use (no more puffy paints), games that keep your interest (bye-bye melted candy bars in the diapers), and snacks that are healthy and creative (yogurt with a toppings bar, fruit kabobs).

So now, I feel inspired to give a creative baby shower gift.  Whether you’re talented  enough to knit an heirloom blanket or happy just to stick some cash in a card, I think all moms are grateful to receive any gift. Especially with first babies, people pour in on. (With my first baby-six showers, my second baby- one “sprinkle” thanks to my bookclub, and my third baby-nada). Granted, you don’t really need much with subsequent kids, but I’m always one for a little fanfare.

One of the women at our church was having her first baby and a friend and I decided to combine our buying power to get a fun present. I kept thinking how I’d want to get her something special to celebrate each of those monthly milestones…and also something that I couldn’t have lived without during that first year. So we made a list and I wrote a little poem to go with each gift. We wrapped them individually by month, tied them in tissue paper and baker’s twine or raffia and attached the poem line that matched.

Feel free to use or be inspired to write your own… Each line reflects something that is key for baby or mom for each month of the first year. The links take you to, where you can purchase the same gifts we did. If you purchase from the links below, I get a small percentage back from Amazon.

  1. Bringing baby home, it’s all so new. Here are some sleep tips from an experienced mom to you. Copy and paste the contents of this blog post into a Word document–> (Newborn Sleep Tips from
  2. Lots of bodily fluids are part of all of it, You’re going to need something catch that spit. (Burp Clothes)
  3. Baby’s getting bigger, what a lot of fun. You’ll be how surprised how fast they grow out of Size 1. (Size 2 diapers)
  4. Your little one has a lot to say, cooing and smiling more, Fuzzy blankets are in order for playing on the floor. (Nature Themed Recieving Blankets)
  5. Splish, splash–are you loving time in the bath? How about some toys to go with that joy! (Bath Toys)
  6.  If you’re ready to try a little food, You’re going to want some brand new spoons. (Spoons)
  7. Now that you’re starting to sit up, It might be time to try a cup. (Sippy Cup)
  8. It’s now so fun to point and look, Mommy, will you read me my new book? (Dear Zoo Lift a Flap Book)
  9. Milk or formula is not enough, Wait until you get your hands on some puffs. (Gerber Puffs Snacks)
  10. You’re getting older, it’s fun to make lots of noise, it doesn’t matter if you have girls or boys. (The gift was a toy that makes noise- I used one I had at home already.)
  11. Moving around, this way and that, Baby needs something to hold little snacks. (snack catchers)
  12. Life’s all about baby and less about mom, Don’t forget to take care and have some you time! (Soaps for Mom)

If you wanted to ever use this poem, you can simply copy and paste it into a Word document, pick a font you like, space the lines with enough room to cut them out by month, print and attach to your gifts.







  1. Have a baby shower invite and this is exactly what I am going to do, thanks so much, Heidi, just what I needed for today!!!! Love Ya!!! Spring is coming soon, before you know it, you will be on a little honeymoon!!!!! YAY!!!!! Nana’s will be having a blast too!!!!

  2. Such a great idea! Love it – thanks for sharing!

  3. nice job,,,love it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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