HerStory: Meet Dianne


When you’re a kid, you really have no sense of what your parents are sacrificing for you.  Now, with three little kids of my own, there is not a day that goes by that I’m not transported back to my childhood with new understanding.  As a mother, I finally understand what that sacrifice means, and what it meant from my own mom.

As I was awash in the by-products of the stomach flu in our house last week, I seriously wanted to give up. Couldn’t I just go to a nice cabin somewhere by a serene mountain lake and escape? No, I couldn’t because there are three little beings that can’t do a thing without me.Every day, I must choose to love and serve them, even when they’re puking all over. Even when I’m puking all over. And in my low moments last week, all I could think about was my mom did this already.  I can’t believe she did this, all those years...and for the most part, really seeming to love it! For years, she took care of me when I was sick, cheered me on in my successes, picked me up when I was down.  All I can say is thanks, mom. Motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart.

We’re lucky to have her visiting from out of town this week, so today I’m having my mom share a bit about herself…

In Her Own Words:

Three words that describe you: Grateful, nurturing, content

What’s your story in five sentences or less? I need room to write a book to share all that the Lord has done for me in my life, but the gist of it is, I was flailing in my faith and he rescued me and gave me the strength to go through some very hard times. I had the free will to obey or turn away and be bitter and hateful, but I continue to choose to follow His leading. He doesn’t promise me that the road will always be smooth with no bumps and curves but our faithfulness and obedience to Him will greatly be rewarded on judgement day!

Day job: Playing nanny to my grandchildren.

I’m happiest when: I’m spending time with my family and grandkids, with lots of food and laughter.

Most influential book: The Bible is what is guiding me, but I enjoy reading many different genres, biographies to historical novels and inspirational stories about people who have been challenged and now are shining lights in the world.

Shows: Investigative Discovery Channel

Favorite Celebrity: Ryan Gosling in the Notebook

Favorite accomplishment: Raising three children who are such blessings and have given me such joy in life.

Encouragement for women: Be yourself and be o.k. with it! If everyone else wears black, wear a different color!

In another life I’d: Be a forensic scientist.

I can’t live without my: Morning coffee.

The theme of my life is: Work on having a servant’s attitude.

God has answered this prayer: To learn how to truly forgive others.

My friends think I’m: Loyal.

Hobbies: Knitting, reading, music, traveling, hiking

mar and nana

Hope you enjoyed meeting my mom!




  1. Thank you, Heidi and Dianne, for sharing your feelings with us. Heidi, your appreciation of your mom actually brought tears to my eyes, because as a mother myself, the thing that makes me so happy is knowing that my children realize how much I love them. Dianne’s life journey, holding fast to her strong faith in God, provides such a life lesson for us all.

    • Cath- that’s so sweet! I think we really start to understand that love when we parent our own kids! It’s amazing to know that we were as loved as we love our own. I love my mother-in-law too!

  2. Love you Dianne – we sure do miss seeing your face around Hoboken. You are a very special Mom and Nana!

  3. Carol Melby says:

    I loved this post…..and of course Iove Dianne too…..have watched her go through many roles in her life…..child, teenager, adult, mother and now grandmother……it is a blessing to know her………

  4. Thanks for this beautiful post and all the fun facts about Dianne. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not reminded of h

  5. How thankful I am for my loving mother, even more so now being a mother myself. Being a mom is indeed the biggest gift and blessing I could ever ask for. Dianne is a lovely lady (and not to mention a rockin’ Nana) with such a big heart, and I’m so happy she’s a part of our family. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

  6. Great job Heidi! It’s not often we ask our moms to tell their stories, which is a shame. Dianne looks gorgeous (as always) in those pictures 😉 Her inner light shines through.

  7. really enjoyed this. your mom’s perspective on the other side of hardship. getting to see a bit of the heart and personality that raised you.