HerStory: Meet Mimi


Mimi is the very first in what I hope to be a very regular part of this blog: HerStory.  I want to share the stories of as many women as possible, in mostly their own words.  We are all created with divine precision, with different pasts, tragedies and triumphs, gifts and desires.  Thank you Jesus, that you are so creative in the way you put each woman together and call her to something unique.

I met Mimi when a couple at our church introduced her to our congregation.  She is a good friend of their daughter’s from college, and they were trying to help her find financial and prayer support partners for her ministry.  I feel lucky to have met her, the few times we have spent talking have been a gift.  She’s wise beyond her years, adventurous, bi-lingual and ready to follow whatever God has for her.  I think you’ll love meeting her, too.

Mimi’s story in five sentences or less? Mimi was born in Chicago to an immigrant Ecuadorian family.  She just became the first college graduate in her family, graduating from Wheaton College with a Biology degree.  She has a passion for the least of these and hopes to be able to impact the Hispanic community in the Chicago-land area through her work with Greenhouse in a year-long internship.  One of the things that drives her the most in the face of difficulties is the thought that one day she can tell her three younger brothers that if she was able to overcome them, with God’s help, so can they.

Three words to describe you: Persevering, Joyful, Clumsy

Day job: Her work includes everything from holding a weekly Zumba class followed by a Bible study to mentoring young Hispanic women to putting on Community Health fairs.  “I do community health, the official title is Community Health Evangelist. I work with 6 Hispanic congregations in the Chicago-land area that are part of Greenhouse Movement.  I focus on bringing a holistic health approach to the people of the congregations. I also am trying to reach out to the community around the churches- to meet physical and tangible needs as a means to open doors for relationship building.  The ultimate hope is always the bringing the Gospel.”

What are your passions and gifts?  “I care deeply about issues relating to injustice, particularly systemic injustice. Especially where I come  from, I find myself focusing on minority populations.  Because I was born to immigrant parents but in the United States I am passionate about bridging the gap between first and second generations and the Hispanic culture and the Anglo-American culture.  I care about healthcare- how to best bring that to different people and populations.”

What does the word holistic mean?– “In my work it means bringing the awareness and a desire to know more about healthy living, I find that in the Hispanic community, they are eager to learn more.  That health is more than a good figure or just the physical body.  It’s engaging all of our physical body, mind and spirit; how we care for ourselves affects our emotional, spiritual and relational health.”

I’m happiest when: “I am around people I love.”

How are you growing in your life right now?  “The biggest thing is trying to discern God’s guidance for my future. I’m several months into a year-long internship, do I stay where I’ve invested so much, or if not, what should I be going back to school for?  I have found new passions in the past 8 months, discovered new talents…how can I use those for the extension of the Kingdom?”

Shows: Bones

What book has been most influential lately? “Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Being Latino in Christ by Orlando Crespo;  I read it with young people who are in similar circumstances, living between two worlds (Hispanic and Anglo-American)…and the uncertainty that that can create.  It was really meaningful.”

What do your friends think is funny or endearing about you?  “I laugh about almost anything.  I have a lot of exclamations and dramatic reactions.”

Encouragement for other women:  “Something for younger readers is that sometimes God calls us to blaze trails in different areas…it’s important to be creative…to let God use us regardless of age or how something has looked like in the past.  Instead of taking care, take risks, especially in the Lord.

Pray for Mimi:  She is helping facilitate a  Community Health Fair on January 25th.  Pray that they would have the supplies they need and many people would come and find health and healing.


Thanks, Mimi for sharing your story!

Hope you were blessed,



  1. Thank you for sharing, Mimi. It is a very exciting story to read how The Lord is at work in your life, will be praying for guidance for you. I was blessed by hearing Mimi’s story.

  2. sweet. look forward to reading others…while the house is still quiet this morning.:)