7 Open Back Frame DIY Ideas


Have you been sitting around wondering how to use open back frames in in your DIY projects?  Maybe not.  But read on!

Once in awhile, you gotta let me throw in a crafty post.  I know, I know. You’re the crowd pining for healthy living topics and spiritual encouragement.  You’d rather read about the Paleo diet than a Pinterest project.  The only reason I’m pegging you this way is because I can see the number of people that open a post. (Does that feel a little big brother?) And well, the crafty ones aren’t what you’re going for.  At least before you blew me away with over a 100 likes in the past few days! So maybe you new readers ARE looking for some craft love.

However, whatever your interest level, sometimes it’s fun to branch out.  A  few short, easy projects…with quick results. I can do those.  I tried quilting once, yeah…a 1/2 done project is still sitting in my mom’s closet.  Me and a lot of steps; we don’t get along.  But if you don’t mind a simple creative idea post now and again, I’m your girl.

I looked around my house the other day and noticed a theme: there are a lot of open back frame things going on.  So I thought I’d put some of the pictures together in case you might like to try one of the ideas.  Open back frames are 1/2 off about every other week or so at Hobby Lobby and Micheals.  They come in every imaginable size, shape and style.  I’ve picked some up at garage sales, and even the side of the road once.  Besides the obvious use of framing a picture, take a look at some of the ways they can be used…..

1. Little Girl’s Accessories Holder

How glue ribbons horizontally and vertically and screw metal hooks into the bottom. Voila! Accessory holder.


2. Chicken Wire Card Holder

Chicken wire is hip right now. <–That’s kind of a weird sentence I never thought I’d write.  Anyway-I love the look!  You can find it in most hardware stores.  All you have to do is cut the wire to the size of the frame (using a wire cutter) and staple onto the back of a wood frame (with a staple gun).  It’s really cute for any sort of display.  For this project, I used a rustic frame and the whole thing is shouting vintage. Love.card holder

3. Outline for a Quote or Object

So- I painted a wall in my guest bedroom/craft room with chalkboard paint. I’ll show you the whole thing sometime, but I’m without chalkboard writing skillz (z intentional) and I’ve been unable to finish it to my liking.  For now, I’ve got some miserable scribble (but nice quote) outlined with a frame.  You might not have a chalkboard wall, but you can take this concept to frame vinyl wall decals/quotes, a smaller framed picture, a wooden/metal letter of the alphabet, anything that looks cool with a frame outline.


4. Photo Display

I like unusual methods of photo display.  Look how many more pics you can show off by stapling several strands of twine across the back of frame and pinning photos on with clothespins!


In my daughter’s room, I used the chicken wire again with a black frame and hung photos with mini clothespins.

photo display

5. Wallpaper Bulletin Board

This one wasn’t supposed to happen.  I ordered this beautiful grass cloth wallpaper I was dying to put up in my foyer with absolutely no idea how to hang it.  But, not to be deterred by a lack of knowledge or the fact that I was making dinner at the same time, I just starting slapping that stuff up.  Oddly enough, it didn’t come out straight.  When I tried to start putting up the next piece, I knew it wasn’t going to be good, so I immediately ripped it right back off the wall taking a coat of paint with it.

And, well, here’s the before and after. Whoops. PicMonkey Collage

We got it taken care of eventually (another story) but now I had this long strip of torn down wallpaper that was begging to be recycled.  It reminded me a bit of a bulletin board, only with some pizzazz–so that’s what I turned it into.     I used wallpaper paste to adhere the wallpaper to some foam-board and put it a fancy frame.  (The good people at Hobby Lobby will cut you a piece of foam-board any size you want for a small fee.)  You could try this idea with scraps of all sorts of materials- wallpaper, fabric, whatever. If you use this technique with wallpaper, put heavy books on top as the wallpaper dries so it doesn’t bubble.


6. Ornament Display

It’s not the season! But I had to show you my little Christmas ornament project.  Take some dollar store ornaments, string them with some twine, and staple with a staple gun to the top of the frame.


7. Canvas Transfer Project

I did a whole post on this project, feel free to check it out. Family Tree Transfer Project


Seriously, the sky’s the limit…you could do so many fun things. Go frame it up–if you got a good one, share it!