Easy Boys Belt

My son’s wardrobe is a bit of an afterthought. Mostly because he doesn’t care at all about what he is wearing. In fact, he’d rather wear nothing…and certainly does not want to be dressed in things that would prevent him from getting dirty.

During my change of season closet organization, I discovered that a lot of his pants, except for the elastic waisted ones, (which are only cute on the very young and very elderly) are the right length but too big in the waist. And he doesn’t have a belt.

Sidebar alert: my husband and I love to backpack. Like full on, pack your bag up and stay out in the wilderness for days at a time. You live and die by what is in your pack, and said pack has to carry 30-40ish pounds, secured by none other than a giant plastic clip.

Back to the point. As I was pondering my son’s pants dilemma, I realized that I most certainly could use this backpack clip concept to fashion a belt.  I checked Hobby Lobby to see if they had a mini version, and sure enough they did. Keeping with my desire to craft mostly easy things, (I am not a patient crafter)  I knew this one would be low cost, low labor and I was sold…I had to try it.

Just two items needed, available at most craft stores:

-1″ canvas webbing

-1″ parachute buckle

1. Measure the waist of the person you will be making the belt for and add a few inches to the total and cut.

2. See below.


3. See below.Otherendofbelt


What? Yep, that is it. You’re done! Three easy steps.



At least I can say I did one small thing for my son’s fall wardrobe.