They’re Watching You


Isn’t this the truth? Our children watch us…our actions, our responses.

We can “say” all that we want, but our true teaching will be in the way we discipline, the way we treat our spouses, the way we act towards the slow driver in front of us. We can’t be on or perfect for them all the time. It’s just not possible. We will slip up. Our our sin nature will be calling us to choose anger, to choose lust, to choose perfectionism. Only in submitting our parenting daily to Jesus and asking for his strength and his wisdom, and letting our children see us do so, can we be the parents we need to be.

So put aside the idea that you can “make” your children learn character just by telling them about it. Show them how character has developed in your own life and show them that you are still on the journey too. Maybe you don’t have to have “time-outs” anymore, but you are being refined through  authentic relationships, the healing of emotional wounds, and the submission to Christ and his Truth.