Thank goodness for spell check…I would have never figured out how to spell that word.

Basically, I love them. They’re sweet, they invoke a by-gone era and they are so easy to do! What a great way to mark points of time in your kids’ life.  Perhaps a new back-to-school tradition could include updated silhouettes?  If only you knew how to do them…

Like most crafts, this one is so much easier than it looks. Here it is:

1. Take an up close side view picture of your child, preferably with the mouth clothed so you can get the lips.

2. Consider the final size you want your project to be.  For instance,  I used 5X7 frames.

3. Adjust printer settings according to project size and print your photo on standard paper.  You may have to print a couple of times to get it just right.

4. Cut out the the side view of the face, leaving as much detail as possible (lips, hair wisps etc).

5. Place the paper cut-out on black cardstock (or any other color you choose) and trace.

6. Cut out the final image from the black cardstock.

7. Glue onto interesting background that has been cut to the right size to fit in your frame (use burlap, old music sheets, fabric of any sort, printed canvas or paper).

8. Let dry and then put in frame.


Shopping List:

(All products available and any craft store- Micheals, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby etc)

-Background paper/canvas/burlap

-Black cardstock


-Glue (I just used a glue stick!)